Version 1.03

Version 1.03

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This was a universal release for both the US and Europe, as version 1.02 was sold outside the US only. Two distinct English retail releases exist (though one of these may actually be an OEM release), along with a checked/debug variant, as well as German, French and Dutch localizations. All come on six 5.25" 360 kB floppies.

This version introduced support for AT&T 6300 and 6300 PLUS computers, with dedicated display, keyboard and mouse drivers. Several other new device drivers were added and existing ones improved. Some fonts recieved additional sizes, while several PIF files have been updated. MS-DOS 3.20 is now officially supported (which includes support for external 3.5" floppy drives), along with the keyboard shipped with some models of IBM XT and AT computers. PIF files have been relocated from the Font disk to the Write disk.

The two English releases are dated 14th August 1985 and 24th August 1985 (according to the latest files on the disks). Only the latter is a confirmed retail copy. The only differences are in MOUSE.DRV (2nd July vs 21st August) and USER.EXE (22nd May vs 24th August). The checked/debug version is dated 16th December 1986 and includes two additional disks with debugging symbols, batch files to install them, as well as some sample applications (all of which appear to have remained unchanged since before the final 1.01 build). It's possible this particular release was distributed with the official SDK.

The French release is dated 3rd December 1986, the German one 4th December 1986 and the Dutch one 17th March 1986. Other languages are also likely to exist.