Version 1.xx/1.xy (Tulip OEM)

Version 1.xx/1.xy (Tulip OEM)

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A Dutch company called Tulip Computers (previously known as CompuData) made several PC-compatible computers during the 80s and shipped Windows 1.0 with them. They apparently convinced Microsoft to allow them to ship a pre-release version from September 1985 with their machines, designated as Version 1.xx or 1.xy. This release can be updated to Tulip's 1.01 release (designated as TC 1.00) from February 1986, both are in English. It is dated 30th September 1985.

The four 5.25" 360 kB installation disks are branded as CompuData, while the two update disks for TC 1.00 release are branded as Tulip Computers. There is also a set of Tulip-branded installation disks with identical part numbers, but those remain unavailable at this time. Version 1.xx appears to be the original release, while 1.xy may have been a minor update to the setup. It comes with a comprehensive user guide featuring many screenshots of an even earlier build (likely from around June 1985). The two update disks for Tulip's TC 1.00 release update core system files on the installation disks and create an additional fifth disk for Windows Write, which is not included in this pre-release version. Applications are not updated.

Setup in this build looks almost exactly like in the final release and will still ask for the Write disk at the end. The default installation directory is still C:\. MS-DOS Executive windows is now automatically restored after an application is closed. The cursor can be moved outside of dialog boxes, but clicking there is prevented and causes the PC speaker to beep. Applications have been updated with menu changes and new features (Undo feature in several apps, mouse options in Control Panel, etc.).

The bootscreen says:
Microsoft Windows Version 1.xx Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation, 1985. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.