Version 1.04 for IBM PS/2

Version 1.04 for IBM PS/2

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IBM did not endorse Windows immediately. Later it offered Windows 1.0 for it's PS/2 line of computers. This is their full OEM release of version 1.04, which was also offered as part of the "Collegiate Kit" and "Personal Publishing System" SolutionPacs with additional bundled software, which were available as a complete system or an upgrade for existing computers.

This release comes on three 3.5" 720 kB floppy disks and is dated 27th May 1987. The only noteworthy thing in this release are the four PS/2 specific drivers, namely:

  • IBMMOUSE.DRV: PS/2 mouse driver
  • IBMPS230.DRV: MCGA display driver
  • IBMPS250.DRV: VGA display driver
  • IBMPS2DA.DRV: 8514/A display driver (functionaly identical to the VGA driver)

The bootscreen appears to be the same as in the retail 1.04 release.