PC Paintbrush for Windows

PC Paintbrush for Windows

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Made by: ZSoft Corporation
Announced: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Type: Bitmap drawing
Price: Unknown
Copy protection: Unknown


Originally released for DOS, ZSoft's PC Paintbrush and its PCX bitmap format became very popular on the PC in the 80s. A version which included scanning capability was called PC Paintbrush Plus. Both were eventually ported to Windows in late 1987. This early Windows version is not related to the Windows 1.0/2.x Windows Paint program, though a later version was licensed by Microsoft for inclusion in Windows 3.0 as Paintbrush that replaced the original monochrome Paint program.

Two versions are currently available online: version 1.05 was bundled with Microsoft's Mouse driver 6.14 and 7.00 (and possibly other related versions). Version 1.09 was included with ZSoft's other Windows product, Publisher's Type Foundry 1.10. PC Paintbrush Plus for Windows 1.22 is also available, but no longer runs on Windows 1.0, though it's possible earlier versions still did.

Available releases

Version 1.05
Version 1.09