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Basic information

Made by: Aldus Corporation
Announced: Unknown
Released: early 1987
Type: Desktop publishing
Price: Unknown
Copy protection: Unknown


PageMaker was one of the first desktop publishing programs, originally made by Aldus Corporation and later acquired by Adobe. It was first released for the Macintosh in 1985 and ported to Windows in 1987. PageMaker for Windows also features a built-in online help system that's similar in function to what later became a part of Windows.

An unknown pre-release version was previewed in the July 1986 issue of PC World. Engineering version 0.755 was demonstrated on the 23rd October, 1986 episode of Computer Chronicles. The final version 1.0 was released in early 1987. Windows 1.0 was bundled with Pagemaker for the first 90 days after release. Several versions for Windows 1.0 are available online, though not all disks seem to have been preserved for every release. Version 1.0a updated the included Windows version from 1.03 to 1.04.

Available releases

International English Version 1.00
U.S. Dealer Demo 1.00
Wang Version 1.00
U.S. Version 1.0a
Wang Version 1.0a