Omnis Quartz

Omnis Quartz

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Basic information

Made by: Blyth Software Ltd.
Announced: Early 1987 or September 1987
Released: Late 1987
Type: Database
Price: $795
Copy protection: None


Omnis Quartz was a multi-user relational database package made by Blyth Software. It appears to be the earliest database made for Windows. Omnis 3 Plus was only available for the Macintosh, while Quartz was only released for Windows 1.0. Both were succeeded by Omnis 5 in 1989. Version 1.0 was reviewed in the November 24th, 1987 issue of PC Magazine.

An unspecified version (possibly 1.13) was reviewed in the September 1988 issue of the Italian magazine MC Microcomputer. Version 1.13 was probably released in early 1988 and was reviewed in the April 18th 1988 issue of InfoWorld, May 17th 1988 issue of PC Magazine, and July 1988 issue of PC World. It is available online. The included Windows run-time was updated to version 2.03, but the program itself still supported Windows 1.0. Omnis 5 dropped support for it.

Around May 1988, Blyth Software also announced a run-time version of Omnis Quartz for developers at a reduced price.

Available releases

Version 1.13