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Basic information

Made by: Micrografx Inc.
Announced: July 1985
Released: July 1985
Type: CAD
Price: $495
Copy protection: None


In*a*Vision was a vector drawing program and the first commercial application for Windows. It was replaced by Micrografx Designer for Windows 2.x, which was later purchased by Corel. Because it was released before Windows 1.01 itself, it must've included a run-time of a pre-release version of Windows. Later versions included a standard Windows 1.0 run-time. A screenshot of what appears to be a pre-release version of In*a*Vision appeared in the 10th volume of the Italian Mi Computer publication. The title bar in the screenshot says "In-a-vision, v 0.11".

Version 1.01 was announced around the end of 1985 or in early 1986, and advertised as "Windows-compatible", as was version 1.1 at around the same time, suggesting 1.01 may have been a typo or misreading of 1.1. The latter was reviewed in the February 3rd, 1986 issue of InfoWorld. The update was said to be free for owners of previous versions. An unspecified version was reviewed in March 11th, 1986 and December 8th, 1987 issues of PC Magazine, as well as in the January 1987 issue of Computing Now!. It was replaced by Designer in late 1987 or early 1988, existing In-a-Vision users could upgrade for $99.

Versions 1.11 and 1.21 are available online as a full release. Version 1.23 is available online as a demo and full release. Only 1.11's disks have been properly imaged (including the Windows 1.01 runtime). 1.21 and 1.23 are currently only available as a folder dump with the main executable and a few sample drawings.

Available releases

Version 1.11
Version 1.21
Version 1.23
Version 1.23 demo