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Basic information

Made by: Access Softek
Announced: November 1986
Released: Early 1987
Type: Text search and management
Price: $195 on release ($145 special introductory offer until May 1st, 1987), later reduced to $145 by the end of 1987
Copy protection: None


Dragnet was a text search and management application by Access Softek. Announced in late 1986 and released in early 1987, this program was notable for not using indexing to perform its searches, which made it considerably slower than other such programs in most situations. It's main advantages were support for boolean logic in queries and the ability to search various file formats, ranging from text documents to spreadsheets and even databases. Search progress can be displayed in the minimized icon. It included a run-time version of Windows 1.0. Version 1.0 was reviewed in the October 27th, 1987 issue of PC Magazine and in the October 1987 issue of PC World.

In September 1987, Access Softek announced a contest for "the most disorganized hard disk", and promised to award 100 best entrants a beta version of their still unannounced program for cleaning disorganized hard disks, as well as a discount for Dragnet. The contest ran until October 31st, 1987.

Version 1.1 was announced in mid-1988, presumably to introduce support for Windows 2.x, and released sometime by the end of the year. Upgrades for existing users costed $10. This version still included a Windows 1.0 run-time, while the program itself came in two versions: one for Windows 1.0 and one for Windows 2.x. Version 1.1 was reviewed in the December 13th, 1988 issue of PC Magazine.

Available releases

No release is currently available online.