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Basic information

Made by: hDC Computer Corporation
Announced: June 1987 at COMDEX
Released: Unknown
Type: Graphical menuing system
Price: $79.95 (and lower with volume discounts)
Copy protection: None


ClickStart was a graphical menu system for Windows 1.0. It allowed users to create what could perhaps be described as a "graphical version of batch files", via menus and buttons. One might even call it an application launcher. The base program allows the user only to use the created menus. To create and edit menus, one must use the included ClickEdit program. An unknown 1.x release was reviewed in the December 22nd, 1987 issue of PC Magazine.

Version 2.1, renamed to Windows Express, was announced in mid-1988 and released in December. Upgrade for ClickStart users was presumably free.

Available releases

The original ClickStart version (1.x) is not available online. Version 2.11, called Windows Express, is available.