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Basic information

Made by: The Whitewater Group
Announced: August 1986
Released: December 1986 or January 1987
Type: Object-oriented programming language
Price: $495 ($99 special university price)
Copy protection: None


Actor was the first third-party programming language for Windows. It was designed to simplify application development for Windows and was heavily inspired by Smalltalk. A Windows 1.0 runtime was included.

Originally scheduled to be released at the end of October 1986, it was delayed for several months to improve on performance and documentation. It was previewed in the August 1986 issue of BYTE magazine, while version 1.0 was reviewed in the September 1987 issue. Version 1.1 was reviewed in the 23rd May 1988 issue of InfoWorld. An unknown version was reviewed in the 9th June 1987 issue of PC Magazine.

Around May 1987 Language Extensions I, the first add-on for Actor, became available for $99 to registered users.

Available releases

No release is currently available online.