3rd party software

3rd party software for Windows 1.0

Windows was initially not very popular with third party software developers. Although it was a decent package, many felt it left a lot to be desired in terms of features and performance, while the GUI in general was still a novelty thing. It's no surprise that Windows applications began showing up in greater numbers only after the release of Windows 2.0, when the long-term viability of such an environment became clear.

There were some early adopters, like Micrografx. A few major professional applications were made for Windows 1.0, as well as several freeware and shareware applications created by hobbyists and enthusiasts. To make Windows applications more affordable and accessible to those without a copy of Windows, Microsoft allowed developers to bundle a runtime version of Windows 1.0 with their applications. This practice continued into Windows 2.x, but ended with Windows 3.0 since the overall architecture of the system has changed significantly and no longer favoured this approach, and Windows was much more popular by then anyway.

Despite the fact that some programs were already announced for Windows in 1986 or 1987, by the time they actually shipped, Windows 2.0 was already almost done or already available, so these programs ended up targeting Windows 2.0 instead. Though many such applications will run just fine on Windows 1.0, I've only included those that officially supported Windows 1.0 in the list below.


Advanced Reuters Terminal






Instinct Plus

Nexpert Object

Omnis Quartz

On the World

Opus Composer

Opus One


PC Paintbrush for Windows




Project Outlook

Publish Pac

Publisher's Type Foundry

Scanning Gallery


SQL Base


VAXmate Information System

VT220 Terminal Emulator

Windows Clip Art Collection

Windows Draw

Windows Filer

Windows Graph

Windows inTalk

Windows Spell