Did you know that... took Microsoft over 2 years of development to complete Windows 1.0? have to reinstall Windows 1.0 to install a different driver for the display, pointing device and keyboard?
...Windows 1.0 was included with some applications as a runtime environment for PC users without Windows?
...Windows 1.0 actually supports overlapping windows for dialogs, message boxes, popup and child windows?
...Windows 1.0 was supported for 16 years, the longest of any Windows version?
...Windows 1.0 was delayed four times before finally being released on November 20th 1985?
...Windows 1.0 was endorsed by over a dozen computer manufacturers when it was announced on November 10th 1983?
...Windows 1.0 actually supported several high-resolution displays that were available at the time?
...Windows 1.0 supported certain VGA display adapters, such as the ATI VGA Wonder series?
...Windows 1.0 was planned to run on top of Microsoft's XENIX operating system, in addition to DOS?
...Windows 1.0 was considered as the operating system for the Atari ST, before Atari decided to instead use Digital Research's GEM? 1984, Windows 1.0 was being developed using 15 IBM PC workstations and an additional PC acting as a file server? 1984, Windows 1.0 probably had a trash can feature for deleting files, which was removed sometime before DR5 was released?