Pointing devices

Pointing devices

Windows 1.0 supported various mice, light pens, trackballs and graphics tablets. Supported interfaces include serial (COM), Microsoft Bus and InPort, and in some versions, IBM PS/2. The latter can be added to any version by using the PS/2 mouse driver from IBM's OEM release of version 1.04.

While use of a pointing device was recommended for a better user experience, it was not mandatory. The environment could be operated with only a keyboard, though some key combinations and shortcuts feel rather clunky today. Windows 2.0 improved this substantially.

AT&T Mouse 6300

FTG Data Systems Lightpen and PXL-350 Single Pixel Board

Fulcrum Trackball Plus

Hei Fast-Point Ligth Pen

Hei Feather Cordless Light Pen

IBM PS/2 Mouse

IMSI Mouse

IMSI OptiMouse

Kraft Joystick Mouse

Kurta IS/ONE Series Tablet

The Lite-Pen Company Lightpen

Logitech Serial Mouse

Maynard Electronics Mouse

Microsoft Bus or Serial Mouse

Mouse Systems or Visi On PC Mouse

SummaGraphics SummaMouse

SummaGraphics SummaSketch Plus Tablet

Tandy Digi-Mouse

The Torrington Co. Manager Mouse Cordless

The Torrington Co. Manager Mouse 1001C-KF

Warp Speed Light Pen