Site changelog

Site changelog

These are the updates I've made to the site since it went online on 22nd February 2018. The latest update is on the homepage.

29th October 2018: Added version 1.xx

Basic information about Version 1.xx (Tulip OEM) has been added.

9th October 2018: Changelog page, software, various updates

Since the homepage was getting rather long due to all the updates listed there, I've decided to move it to a separate page. I've also added a preliminary list of 3rd party programs to the appropriate page and made various other adjustments wherever necessary.

14th August 2018: Added the timeline page

Before I get around to writing the history pages, I thought I should make a brief timeline with major events as a brief alternative. And as usual, I made several minor changes to other content as well.

10th August 2018: Added 1.01 Tulip OEM

Also made some other minor updates since the 6th August that were not listed here.

6th August 2018: Completed the OEM releases

All OEM releases now have basic information. I will continue to expand the pages for each release as I find time.

5th August 2018: Additional updates

Added basic information to subpages for retail and some OEM releases. Also fixed some other minor things.

4th August 2018: More updates

Added basic information to subpages for pre-release versions. Also made some other minor updates and fixed some relative path issues.

22nd July 2018: Content updates

After some time of inactivity I updated the software and hardware pages with basic information. Full lists of supported software and hardware will be added later. I've also made some minor updates to several other pages.

23rd May 2018: More content and layout updates

I've made some additional layout changes and added all the missing pages as placeholders until all the content is ready. More basic content has been added (e.g. the overview pages, version list, etc.).

12th May 2018: Content updates

I've already made some minor updates in March or April, but forgot to list them here. Today I added the competitors page and updated the trivia page.

22nd February 2018: Site goes live!

After some time of fiddling with Bootstrap to recreate the look of Windows 1.0, the base of this site is ready. I know the colors cause eye cancer, but hey, they're authentic! It's all about adding content from now on.