Contact and FAQ

Contact info

If you wish to contribute something or just provide feedback, you can reach me by e-mail at You can also find me on TotalImage, BetaWiki and BetaArchive Discord servers under the username "Overdoze". You should also see my main site and my blog.


Q: Why have you decided to create this site?
A: Because I think Windows 1.0 is interesting and worth looking at due to its historic importance as the first version of Windows. And I also find it oddly charming, for some reason.

Q: Can I contribute?
A: Yes, see the Contact info section at the top of this page.

Q: Where did you get all this information?
A: From various online sources, magazines, other people and my own observations of the available material.

Q: How did you make the site look like this?
A: I used Bootstrap 3.3 and modified it a bit to resemble the Windows 1.0 UI and default color scheme as much as possible.

Q: But it doesn't look exactly like Windows 1.0, does it?
A: You're right, it doesn't. For the sake of usability, I had to enlarge things a bit, otherwise you'd be looking at some tiny text and wonder which idiot thought that was a good idea.

Q: Where can I download Windows 1.0?
A: Plenty of release are available freely online (Google is your friend), and I will provide some downloads myself once I complete the dedicated pages for each release (eventually...).