Contact and FAQ

Contact info

If you wish to contribute something or just provide feedback, you can reach me by e-mail at I also often hang around on IRC networks RoL, EFnet and freenode under the username "Overdoze". You should also see my main site and my blog, where I've made plenty of posts regarding Windows 1.0 (among other things).


Q: Why have you decided to create this site?
A: Because I think Windows 1.0 is interesting and worth looking at due to its historic importance as the first version of Windows. And I also find it oddly charming, for some reason.

Q: Can I contribute?
A: Yes, see the Contact info section at the top of this page.

Q: Where did you get all this information?
A: From various online sources, magazines, other people and my own observations of the available material.

Q: How did you make the site look like this?
A: I used Bootstrap 3.3 and modified it a bit to resemble the Windows 1.0 UI and default color scheme as much as possible.

Q: But it doesn't look exactly like Windows 1.0, does it?
A: You're right, it doesn't. For the sake of usability, I had to enlarge things a bit, otherwise you'd be looking at some tiny text and wonder which idiot thought that was a good idea.

Q: Where can I download Windows 1.0?
A: Plenty of release are available freely online (Google is your friend), and I will provide some downloads myself once I complete the dedicated pages for each release (eventually...).